Since its formation, Wedco has been a trading partner for Sumitomo products throughout Austria. Sumitomo Electric Industries is a global company that supplies a wide customer base in the manufacturing industries with high-performance cutting tools.

Due to constant research and development activities, combined with relevant experience and application knowledge, the company has shown outstanding achievements and success. As the largest Japanese manufacturer of electric cables and wire products, Sumitomo used carbide drawing tools for the production of copper wire as early as 1928.

Carbide cutting tools were the natural development in 1931, and since then, Sumitomo Electric has established itself as the market leader in the development and application of cutting materials, chip breakers, and coating technologies.

Our products include carbide, CBN, and PCD cutting tools for turning, milling, and drilling applications along with a range of blanks for toolmakers. Innovations in the field of carbide, ceramic, and cermet cutting materials, which can be used to machine a wide range of workpiece materials, have turned Sumitomo Electric into the market leader for high-performance cutting tools.

In 1977, Sumitomo Electric began to develop the polycrystalline cutting materials CBN and PCD. This led to hard and dry machining techniques with which Sumitomo secured a leading position, as their application considerably increases productivity and contributes to global environmental protection by means of reducing pollution.